In recent years, the adverse impact of global climate change is becoming increasingly intensified. It has become consensus and shared responsibility for all mankind to develop low-carbon economy and control greenhouse gas emission.

While making an important contribution to global economic development, China adheres to the basic state policy of environmental protection, actively promoting resource saving, energy conservation and emission reduction. China has made a solemn commitment of voluntary emission reduction.

Shaanxi Gengho Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Gengho”) is a technology and service firm specialized in energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction. Gengho focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection fields, constructing such a “4+1” industrial structure which integrates the main business concentrating on energy conservation, environmental protection, testing and new energy development, with strong support from Gengho’s comprehensive service on energy conservation and environmental protection. So far Gengho has two subsidiaries and six branches, having a good influence and appeal in the energy and environmental sectors.
Ever since establishment, Gengho persists its business philosophy of “professionalism, efficiency, responsibility”. Gengho dedicates to energy and environment related scientific research and development, engineering construction, operation management and investment, financing projects on environmental facilities. Gengho has a number of remarkable technical achievements in energy saving, environmental protection and regeneration and recycling technologies. Gengho possesses comprehensive strengths and qualifications in integrating R&D, design, equipment manufacturing, supply of complete set equipment, construction and installation, testing and verification, system operation and EPC (engineering procurement construction). Gengho has a professional and technical team which will certainly provide you with rich experiences in engineering practic
es. The professional and pragmatic operation leads to great technological competence for Gengho. Gengho so far has five professorate senior engineers, twenty-nine senior engineers, seven PhDs and dozens of engineers. Nearly 60% of Gengho’s employees have more than 10 years working experience in energy saving and environmental protection sectors.

As VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) control is put on the agenda by Chinese government in recent years, Gengho has on its own invented and manufactured the online testing system VOC6s-9000 which is used for testing and monitoring VOCs. This product has been launched to the market. The R&D team of Gengho, the scientific research of which has reached advanced international standards, positions this product as ‘the most stable Gas chromatograph system in China’. In supply chain management process, we adopt global sourcing strategy to get all the parts and accessories needed for manufacturing VOC6s-9000. For some technically strict parts designed by Gengho, we outsource the manufacturing to European and American manufacturers in order to get good quality customized parts. Over a short period of time after VOC6s-9000 series product launch, our quarterly growth rater has increased to more than 90%. The product has won good reputation and acknowledgment from Chinese environmental protection bureaus and many well-known customers across the world.

Gengho’s testing laboratory has been certified by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), and entitled to use the certification mark . The report issued by Gengho is legally effective. So far there’re beyond 2000 projects from 51 fields within Gengho’s testing capabilities. These projects include ambient air and waste gas, water and waste water, workplace, soil and sediment, solid waste, radiation environment, noise and vibration, food, food additives, fruit and vegetable juice beverage, and sanitation in public places etc. Gengho can provide the testing and monitoring services related to the monitoring on environmental protection of construction project, environmental impact assessment and monitoring, test and assessment on occupational health, sanitation monitoring in public places,  ISO environmental management system certification, production environment testing, environmental protection review of listed companies, and radiation protection and monitoring etc.

Gengho’s business involves in almost all industries including petro-chemistry, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, city construction, electric power, transportation, national defense etc. Gengho’s achievements come from the big and medium cities across China. Meanwhile, Gengho begins to extend effort on the overseas environment protection and treatment projects of Russia, Miama and Bangladesh. Gengho also attaches importance to other international environment market in Vietnam, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka etc. Gengho is maintaining long-term close cooperation with the famous environment protection companies of US, Germany, Japan, Isreal and Denmark etc.

We cordially welcome contacts or any inquiries from any company or individual in energy saving and environmental protection sectors. Gengho would dedicate to introduction and achieving large scale promotion and application of advanced energy saving and environmental protection technologies and products to China.

The sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity. We sincerely hope for the concerted efforts with friends from all walks of life, cultivating energy-saving thought, broadcasting environmental protection idea. Let’s unite in a concerted effort to make a green and harmonious home.

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